Project Vision

Learn more about our cutting-edge technology for analysing football games which saves you hours of time whilst giving highly accurate statistics for you to use

Here at Vision Sports Anaylsis we want to give you an advanced tool that was previously only for the elite, professional clubs at the top of the English Football Leagues. Using our software we want to provide your team with the stats which you need to identify strengths and areas of weakness, so you know what to work on in training to improve as a team. At the same time we want to ensure that our program is as simple and easy to use as possible to save you time which you can spend with your team.

How it works

We aimed to make it as simple as possible for you to experience our Vision:

  1. Select which of our subscription tiers suits your team's needs best and select whether you would like to pay monthly or get the full year-long season at a discounted price
  2. Set up your team's dashboard and list each player in your team (individual player stats available in the Pro and Elite subscription tiers)
  3. For each match upload the footage of the game using the upload button on your team dashboard
  4. Sit back whilst our software analyses the footage and automatically returns the stats to you
  5. Visit our community page of like-minded coaches for session ideas to target areas of weakness and help your team develop
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We are currently in the development and advanced testing stage of this software and we're very excited to share it with you once we have it fully ready! We believe our software will greatly help your club/team and allow you to really tap into your players full potential by understanding the data behind their play.

If you have any questions about our product and how it works, get in contact with us via email or give us a call

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