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The latest technology in sports video analysis will allow you to take your teams play to the next level

The answer to all of your football analysis needs



Simply upload video footage of your football match or training session onto your personal dashboard and then let our program do the rest! No need for you to tag each clip!


Our advanced software will use the latest in computer vision technology to process the video and return all the stats directly to you! Get the stats which mean the most to your team!


Use these accurate stats to determine team and player strengths as well as areas for improvement! Allows you to tailor coaching sessions to maximise your strengths!

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Our software isn’t the only tool we provide to help you improve your team…

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Design you own training sessions using our easy-to-use template which is free to download

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Browse an expanding catalogue of training sessions uploaded by other coaches designed to help improve a wide range of skills

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Some of the high-level clubs and academies we have worked closely with to help develop our state-of-the-art software

Bristol Rovers WFC
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Oxford City FC
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We believe our software will improve your team and help propel your club into the future of sports analysis and coaching, but don’t just take our word for it:

Working with Vision Sports Analysis in development has been extremely beneficial for us at Bristol Rovers Womens, it has allowed us to unlock the potential of our squad through their match analysis. Our Player development focus has benefitted the most as this has shown clear areas of the game to work on allowing us to target specific training sessions for individuals as well as the team.

Moving into the new season we’re really excited about the use of their software at it’s full capability. This will revolutionise our approach to training and player development ten-fold and benefit us within our pursuit of building upon our recent success.

Nathan Hallett-Young – Manager – Bristol Rovers WFC

If you feel like our software could be what your team is looking for, or if you simply want to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team

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